A sincere "THANK YOU" to all the wonderful people who took home our puppies from the  June  2014 Litters. It was a PLEASURE meeting all of you!  We feel that all the puppies have gone to good homes and we send our  "BEST WISHES"  for many years with a German Shorthaired Pointer- a wonderful dog.   Ron/Sue


Brushy Mountain Shorthairs is a farm and kennel located in the foothills of Western North Carolina. It is owned and operated by Ron Gaddy who has owned, bred and hunted AKC registered German Shorthaired Pointers for over 45 years.

" A versatile hunter and all-purpose gun dog, the German Shorthaired Pointer
possesses keen scenting power and high intelligence. The breed is proficient
with many different types of game and sport, including trailing, retrieving, and
pointing pheasant, quail, grouse, waterfowl, raccoons, possum, and even deer."

The German Shorthaired Pointers at our farm are bred to perform in the field and to maintain the conformation and temperament that are unique to this breed. Our dogs contain some of the champion bloodlines of Rawhides Clown, Von Franzel and Moesgaard. Not only are our Shorthairs versatile hunters, they make excellent companions as well. Most are patient around children and make loyal family pets. German Shorthairs are a dog that requires regular excercise and anyone considering this breed should have the space and the time to excercise them daily.